Our toddler room caters for up to 20 children with nappy change facilities and an adjoining bathroom. The room routine is again based on the needs of the children attending and is flexible to account for the needs of individual children.

We know all toddlers like to be on the go and our outdoor environment offers experiences for climbing, running, jumping and ball play. Educators support children to make choices through the indoor and outdoor environment. With sunscreen and hats provided we encourage children to enjoy their outdoor time in all weather and learn about the world.

Toddlers are very active and curious learners with a fascination for their environment as well as beginning to imitate the actions and roles of those around them. Educators support these learning needs through activities such as home corner experiences, figurine play and the use of music and stories about our community and the world around them.

We understand that our toddlers will often engage in parallel play, so ensure experience offered have ample resources to account for individual imaginations. Educators support children as they begin to form friendships and take on roles in cooperative play with their peers. We offer lots of sensory experiences to stimulate all of their senses and opportunities for art so they can begin their journey of self expression.

Educators will support families and children in their toilet training, following toileting routines as per home. We ask that families pack ample changes of clothes to accommodate both messy play and toilet training activities.