Our sessional kindergarten is a fantastic program with 40 available places delivered by an Early Childhood Teacher and an assistant educator. The program is government approved meaning that eligible families can access subsidies ensuring that Kindergarten is accessible to all children. Our Kindergarten program offers children the 15 hours of Kinder required which follows state terms and has availability for Early Start children and children at risk.

The program works to prepare both children and families for the transition to school, with our sessions running as long days and children bring their own healthy lunch box to mimic mealtimes at school. We have fantastic relationships with our surrounding schools, we utilise these partnerships throughout the year inviting teachers to visit the program and do activities with our children and our children visit the schools and join in experiences at schools.

We promote school readiness with children and explore literacy and numeracy concepts within the educational program provided. As part of our literacy program we have built partnerships with the local library where children visit monthly and borrow a book to share with their family. Children with engage in mathematical concepts such as measurement, counting by rote, and number recognition.

Children’s social and emotional skills will be a strong focus of our Kindergarten program to prepare them for school. We support children in becoming resilient and beginning to regulate their behaviours. Engage in respectful behaviours and actions with their peers and educators, be confident to share their ideas and thoughts with others and build on their own learning.

The kindergarten program has strong partnerships with our surrounding community and promotes children to further explore community roles and how they too are a part of the community. The program has visits from the emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance. We invite local artists to join us at the service and inspire children’s creativity and we have excursion to visit and join in community projects.